Welcome to Our Outrageous Fantasy, a story unlike any other!

If you’d like to dive in from the beginning, click here to begin reading our first chapter. You can also read our Season 1 Overview to prepare yourself for the madness to come.

If you’re unsure what kind of story this is, then read on!

Think of this like the writer’s equivalent of a garage band’s jamming session, but with a lot more jokes. For our story, every chapter is written by someone different than the chapter before, and there is no plan in place at all besides a few vague plot points. On top of that, we’ve decided that the whole concept of “canon” is more of a guideline than a rule.

For our fantasy stories, only the previous chapter exists in canon. That means that if you’re on Chapter 3, then for the purposes of the story, nothing that was written in Chapter 1 actually happened. Our writers have free reign to completely ignore and contradict anything that occured two or more chapters ago. Our first season will be 40 chapters long, and there will be certain plot points that writers will have to hit for certain chapters. Other than that… it’s all chaos.

As you’d expect, this means that things get out of hand pretty quickly. There’s an element of gamesmanship at play, where some writers might try to “lock in” some truly ridiculous circumstances in order to screw over whoever has to write the next chapter. Which is sort of the point. We want to tell a funny, nonsensical story that exists to do little more but give our readers (and writers) a laugh.

We plan for new chapters to drop every Wednesday, which will be relatively short at 500-2000 words each. (This is to ensure that we aren’t overworking our unfortunate writers, and to ensure a short turnaround.)

Again, if you want to dive into our story from the beginning, click here to read the overview for Season 1. If you’re a writer and you fancy contributing to this madness, fill out the form below to apply!

Note that (for now) we’re trying to restrict this to people who have some writing experience, in order to be sure that we can keep up with a regular release schedule.

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